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Anna has recently completed the Professional Doctorate in Educational and Child Psychology at the University of East London. Anna has a particular interest in the role that relationships play in promoting learning and wellbeing. Anna also writes her own blog about her experiences as a newly qualified EP.

Resources: The Engagement Profile

28 January 2019 by , 4 comments

The Engagement Profile’s core approach is that “sustainable learning can only occur when there is meaningful engagement” (Engagement 4 Learning)….

Supporting schools to support refugees

18 October 2017 by , 3 comments

For eight months I have worked with a multi-agency group welcoming newly arrived children to local schools. It’s been an…

‘Working for the Clampdown’ – seeing the politics in our practice

27 September 2016 by , 1 comment

This blog is a reflection about how I managed to re-enter my teenage years during training and how I now…