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David is a trainee educational psychologist who has worked in schools and with young people across the north of England for nearly 20 years.

Book Review: The Number Sense

18 January 2024 by

Book author: Stanislas Dehaene. Coffee rating: ☕☕☕ (3/3) *Star rating: ⭐⭐ (2/3) The Number Sense is written by Stanislas Dehaene,…

Book review – Unprocessed: how the food we eat is fuelling our mental health crisis

7 November 2023 by

Author: Kimberley Wilson I rather like food, as I imagine many of you do too. As a result, the bold…

Book review: ‘Chatter’

12 March 2023 by

Book author: Ethan Kross. Chatter is written by Ethan Kross, an American psychologist with an expertise in the conscious mind….

Book review – Poverty safari: understanding the anger of Britain’s underclass

12 July 2022 by

Book author: Darren McGarvey. Poverty Safari is an award-winning book published in 2017 about the socio-economically disadvantaged communities and people…