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Articles by Mary Stanley-Duke

Mary is an educational psychologist working within Bristol City Council for 14 years. Mary is currently leading on cognition and learning across the city and has a keen interest in EP assessment and the communication of assessment findings that are accessible to all.

Three actions to help learners ‘get in the zone of learning’

21 February 2022 by

This blog is written for anyone who has a vested interest in helping someone else learn. One of the most…

From conception to implementation – reflections on creating the MeLSA training intervention

15 February 2022 by

This blog details the journey taken by a group of EPs in the development of a training programme for TAs…

Mediated learning: video series

15 February 2022 by

The videos below were created during the COVID-19 pandemic when many families were grappling with home schooling. They were created…

Back to school: some key considerations

Monday 8th means, for many children, back to school. We’ve tried to distill three key messages to sensitively support children,…

Longer read: Holistic circles – a visual representation of a child’s strengths and needs

10 March 2020 by , 3 comments

Writing EHC assessments tends to be linear and for me there is a frustration in ‘chopping up’ a person in…