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Choosing a thesis topic: advice from twitter

This is probably a question that quite a few trainees are considering right now. Thesis topic choice can be a big decision and recently #twittereps have been on hand with some words of wisdom.

Follow your passions

Being excited and passionate about your chosen topic area was a key piece of advice. It’s a big project and that passion can help keep up the motivation.

Talk to others

Conversations with other practitioners, researchers or indeed professional bodies might help guide your thinking – particularly when thinking about impact.

Keep it focused

New ideas every day? Keeping it focused is key. Remember this might be the first research project of many!

Consider sampling

Finding participants can take much longer than anticipated and your sampling process/procedure is an important consideration.

Think about what you’ve already covered or explored

If you’re struggling with ideas, reflecting on topics you’ve already covered might be helpful. What really interested or inspired you? What particular uni sessions or placement experiences stand out?

Think about the future

Your thesis can be an opportunity to lead in a particular field or area and so it can be a real career defining choice.

So they’re some of the tips that #Twittereps and academics gave. You might have your own words of wisdom that a TEP (or anyone deciding on a dissertation topic) might benefit from! If so, comment below!

With thanks to Mollie for inspiring this conversation on twitter and to all the contributors who offered their advice, hints and tips.

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