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edpsy: our impact in 2020

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2020 has been an incredible year for us and the EP community. In our first impact report, we reflect on some of the work that we’ve done and the success we’ve achieved.

Our impact report

You can browse through our impact report below and we’ve added helpful links underneath if you want to follow up on anything that grabs your interest.

(If using a phone or tablet, it’s easier to navigate the report below by swiping left and right – rather than pressing the arrows at the bottom)


Our events calendar currently has a wide range of events, many of them are online and free. You can also add an event to the calendar.


You can post a job that might be relevant for EPs, or find out more about why you should choose edpsy jobs.

Our 5 most read blogs

  1. Covid 19: resources and information for children, families and professionals
  2. Raising awareness of pupils with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome / Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders
  3. Black lives matter: educational professionals and the fight against racism
  4. Drawing the ideal safe school
  5. Reflections on being working class in middle class profession

Key points from our 2020 impact report

  1. We’ve published 36 blog posts on a range of topics from EPs at all stages in their careers. We’ve also published blog posts written by researchers and school staff.
  2. Over the year we’ve listed 109 events on our free events calendar.
  3. Visitors from 133 countries have browsed and read edpsy articles. From Fiji to Finland, Belgium to Botswana, we’re helping EPs from the UK have a truly global impact.
  4. This year has been our biggest year yet with 122,000 views – that’s 250% more than last year.

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