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Jobs for EPs on edpsy: our latest feature

19 October 2020 by , and
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Before summer we launched a new jobs feature on the site. This is a jobs board where any roles that may be of interest to EPs can be advertised.

We’ve had some great discussions about this new feature and we thought it would be useful to pull together some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve had.

Why have you launched edpsy jobs?

We originally launched edpsy in August 2016. In the four years that we’ve been going, we’re now substantially bigger and this means more time and resources.

We recognise that money is being spent on advertising EP roles on generic job boards (like Monster or Jobs go Public). By offering an alternative we’re:

  1. Saving organisations money
  2. Helping organisations reach the people who should see their jobs (i.e. more targeted)
  3. Able to further develop edpsy as a community resource.

We now have Groups, an Events Calendar and over 16,000 visitors a month from 130 different countries…and we want to do more!

Our main aim is to keep edpsy free to use and accessible to all. For this to be sustainable we need an income to cover the costs of web hosting, domain names, paying for licenses and our time.

Do I have to pay or log in to see the jobs?

No. Once the jobs are on the jobs board, they are free for anyone to see. You don’t have to pay, sign-up or sign-in to see them.

So who pays for them?

The organisation advertising the job. We strongly believe in a ‘pay once’ model. So if an organisation pays for a job to be listed on the jobs board, then it will be open and accessible to all.

How much does it cost to advertise a job?

£300 for the rest of 2020 for a 30 day job listing, mail out and advertising your job vacancy across our social media. You can find out more here.

What other sources of income have you thought about?

We’ve thought about quite a few different things:

  • Crowdfunding – we tried this a few years ago and it was not successful
  • Sponsored content – This is where other businesses would pay to have their content on the website as a form of advertising. This could be successful but we think it would reduce the quality of our blogs and decrease trust.
  • Advertising – You visit edpsy and the first thing you see is a big banner advertising the latest psychometric…this is not what we want for our visitors.
  • Paid for membership – This would mean that some of our site content is free to some people, and some is only available to people who pay. This is totally against the whole ethos of edpsy. We believe it’s exceptionally important to have a platform that is freely accessible to all.

Why is free and open so important to you?

We think that edpsy is both about supporting the community of educational psychologists, but also raising the profile of the profession.

To do this we need to reach those outside our profession: those who are interested, those thinking about becoming an EP, those in related professions, parents, carers and even young people.

We want our blogs, longer reads, events and information about EP jobs to be available to people from all walks of life. By being as open and free as possible, we think we can contribute to increasing the range of people who aspire to be educational psychologists.

What about LAs in dispute with the professional union?

We will not list jobs for local authorities in dispute with the AEP.

To the best of our knowledge this is unlike other job sites where EP jobs are listed, for example, Indeed, Monster, TotalJobs or Jobs go Public.

How do I post a job vacancy?

Follow the link here to post a job. We think it’s pretty simple and there are a choice of payment options. If you have any specific queries or questions do drop us an email.

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