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News: Every EP job vacancy on edpsy funds climate positive projects

We’ve worked hard over the past two years to ensure that we are operating as sustainably as possible, and we’re always striving to go further.

Every job advert funding climate action

Edpsy is a member of Ecologi and this means that we make monthly payments to fund climate projects around the world. These projects range from reforestation to producing energy from waste rice husks in India.

This funding is represented by our edpsy forest, which currently has 265 trees planted in it. So far we’ve offset nearly 15 tonnes of CO2, equivalent to 11 long haul flights or 36,570 miles driven in car.

On top of our current climate and sustainability action we are going further and so for every EP job we advertise we’ll add 50 more trees to our Ecologi forest.

Your business or service name will be attached to these trees as evidence that you’ve supported climate positive projects. You can see an example of what this will look like in the image below. We’ll send you a shareable link to your clump of 50 trees and an image like the one below and you can use these however you like.

Recent trees funded by GL Assessment, supporting reforestation in Mozambique

Other actions we’re taking to be sustainable

As well as funding projects that directly impact atmospheric CO2 levels we do a number of other things:

  • Our energy is 100% renewable
  • We use a green web host – web hosting uses a lot of energy, which is why we switched to a host that powers its computers using green energy
  • We use an ethical bank
  • As a team we only have one face to face meeting a year meaning there are minimal transport costs and emissions
  • We don’t print anything
  • We don’t have or use an office which means we don’t have to light or heat a large space
  • We use a negligible amount of physical resources e.g. paper, but when we do we ensure purchased goods are manufactured in a sustainable fashion, can be recycled and do not make excessive use of packaging
  • Any electronic equipment that is replaced is always reused or recycled
  • We track our annual water and energy usage (at home where most of the edpsy work happens) and have a rolling target to reduce this

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