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Supporting LGBTQI+ people in Afghanistan

Donate now and help us fundraise to support the work of Rainbow Railroad in Afghanistan and around the world.

LGBTQI+ people are not safe in Afghanistan

As the Taliban have have returned to power there are reports that LGBTQI+ people are facing acts of violence and that ‘kill lists’ are circulating with the names of LGBTQI+ people and activists.

Kimahli Powell, the executive director of Rainbow Railroad, highlights that “LGBTQ organizing is really limited in Afghanistan for multiple reasons, including Afghanistan being in a perpetual state of war and the criminalizing of consensual same sex conduct. There’s limited human rights defenders to go to and there are limited organizations that provide support.” 

Stonewall and Rainbow Railroad are working together to coordinate greater protection for LGBTQI+ people.

The edpsy community supporting Rainbow Railroad

Donate now to raise at least £1000 in the next three weeks, to support the fantastic efforts of Rainbow Railroad in helping LGBTQI+ people in Afghanistan right now. 

Outside help, though donations or pressuring governments is crucial for Rainbow Railroad’s work. 

What else you can do

As well as donating to Rainbow Railroad you can:

  • Write to your MP, Dominic Raab and/or Boris Johnson. Stonewall and Rainbow Railroad have written to the Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary and their letter is here.
  • Many refugees need somewhere to stay. Become a host with Refugees at Home – a UK charity which connects those with a spare room in their home to refugees and asylum seekers in need of somewhere to stay.

Donate now at our Just Giving page.

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