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Launch of free training: Motivational Interviewing – implementation in organisations

Motivational interviewing (MI) is a person-centred communication style, which can be a central pillar of effective EP casework and consultation.

In this blog, we discuss launching our free online training to provide ideas and resources aimed at helping services and organisations implement MI within practice.

Who is the course for?

The course is designed for practitioners and managers from across disciplines who already have some familiarity and training in MI. It is designed to further develop knowledge and practice, with a view to maximising the impact of MI for clients and stakeholders. Ideally, it is something EPs could complete alongside professional colleagues, as it is designed to stimulate debate and discussion, and prompt developmental practice.

If you are new to MI, please note that this course is not really designed as an introduction to the approach. You might like to have a look at this free online training from the BMJ as a starting point BMJ Learning: Online Courses for Healthcare Professionals. However, please do still feel free to sign up, even if you are inexperienced, as you will find this, and lots of other great resources on the website, which will help to orientate you towards finding out more about MI.

Structure of the course

The course is structured into seven short modules. Each module contains a short 5-10 minute video, accompanied by helpful references and resources. Within each module there are reflective questions, which could be used to inform discussions and practice at an individual or service level.

At the end of the course, on submission of some brief feedback, which will help us improve, tailor and expand the training, you will be awarded a certificate, which can be used as part of your CPD log. We very much look forward to hearing your thoughts about the training, and what we can do to improve it.

Why did training the come about?

Although there is growing evidence for the effective application of MI across different professional fields (Miller & Moyers, 2017), mastering MI is complex, and translating training into professional practice is difficult (Hall et al., 2016). This is true for EP practice, with research by Thomas et al. (2019) establishing that EPs who had received training in MI did not always feel confident in using it within their practice, and might have benefited from professional support structures to promote implementation.

In 2017, the Manchester Motivational Interviewing Network (MMIN) was developed as a multi-site collaboration between the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University and Greater Manchester NHS, to create a community of practice to promote and develop MI across disciplines. The network has organised training, events and supervision, as well as undertaking research into EPs’ use of MI, and the use of MI by COVID-19 contact tracers.

Thanks to an Industry and Impact grant, from the University of Manchester, the MMIN has been able to develop this free online training resource.

The Manchester Motivational interview Network

If you are interested in using MI within your practice, you might like to join our mailing list, which you can sign up to at the bottom of the MMIN website homepage. Our other forthcoming events are as follows:

MMIN Network Planning Meeting

12th January 2023, 3-4.30pm

Using MMIN as a structure for a community of practice in MI. You are invited to come along and get involved in shaping the network to support your MI practice and the broader MI community.

This meeting will be online: please register to attend via Eventbrite

MI Practice Sessions

  • 2nd February 2023, 3-4.30pm
  • 27th April 2023, 3-4.30pm
  • 15th June 2023, 3-4.30pm

Targeted practice sessions will focus on specific MI skills identified by members.

Registration links will be available soon.


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Miller, W. R., & Moyers, T. B. (2017). Motivational interviewing and the clinical science of Carl Rogers. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 85(8), 757–766.

Thomas, G., Atkinson, C., & Allen, C. (2019). The motivational interviewing practice of UK educational psychologists. Educational and Child Psychology, 36(3), 61–72.

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  1. Precious Arreaza says:

    Hi I’m interested in joining the mi online trainings I see the times just not the time zones. Any information on how I’d be able to join would be wonderful

  2. Cathy Atkinson says:

    Thanks Precious. You can sign up to the forthcoming sessions by joining the mailing list at

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