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Project: Reviewing policy and practice recommendations about services for disabled children

The NIHR Policy Research Programme commissioned research to provide policy recommendations on improving services for children with disabilities, learning from experiences during the pandemic PRP Reset.

Project background

For the project the team reviewed international evidence on the impacts of changes to services during the pandemic. They interviewed families, professionals, service leads and commissioners about which changes worked well and/or were not helpful.

Who is involved

The research is led by Newcastle University and includes NHS and Local Authority professionals, parent carers, researchers, and advisory groups of family representatives and young people.


Please email the Resetting Services project team.

Current project focus

The team have drafted recommendations for practice and would like your feedback on them. They want to know if the problems and solutions fit with local experience. Your feedback will help to refine the recommendations, ensure they are relevant and practicable, and directly inform national guidance.

How you can help

The team are running 1-hour workshops on Teams from 6-15th September for professionals and parent carers to provide feedback on the recommendations. 

You can sign up to participate in a workshop by following the relevant link below:

Professionals sign up here 

Parents and carers sign up here

The team will send you the draft recommendations and joining instructions once you have a place.

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