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Project: exploring barriers to EP practice in mainstream schools

This project aims to investigate the barriers Educational Psychologists (EPs) face in mainstream schools and assess how these barriers impact the effectiveness of their interventions.

How you can help

Please complete the online survey, open to all qualified educational psychologists.

Project focus

This project focuses on identifying and understanding the significant barriers that Educational Psychologists encounter in mainstream schools and examining the impact of these barriers on the effectiveness of their interventions.

Understanding these barriers is crucial for developing strategies to improve EPs’ work conditions and intervention outcomes and enhancing support for students with Special Educational Needs (SEN). Findings will inform policy recommendations and practical strategies for more effective educational support.


  • Lauren Ford – MA student at the University of St Mark and St John in Plymouth
  • Alison Milner – Dissertation Supervisor 

Should you have any questions please contact Lauren Ford via email or feel welcome to contact Alison Milner.


31st July 2024

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