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Viva la viva! Prepping for that crucial hour or two

On June 11 2017, by , 2 Comments

So it’s time to think about the viva. You know you have to do it, people tell you how you…

Top ten tools for gaining an insight into a child’s world

On April 9 2017, by

When training to be an educational psychologist I was advised to develop an ‘EP Toolkit’ – a collection of key…

The EPs are Tweeting

On April 9 2017, by , 1 Comment

In the past few weeks EP’s have been taking to twitter to share the huge range of work they’re engaging…

Touch: trust, timidity and taboo workshop – commentary

On February 26 2017, by , 1 Comment

Recently the DECP led the workshop ‘Touch: trust, timidity and taboo’. The workshop aimed to clarify some of the confusion experienced…

Where are the EPs? Theresa May, mental health and schools

On January 10 2017, by , 10 Comments

The focus on schools and the workplace is much needed, as is the attention to addressing stigma and the transformation…

Rethinking mental distress in children

On January 4 2017, by , 6 Comments

Thinking of your child as behaving badly disposes you to think of punishment. Thinking of your child as struggling with something…

Challenges and supporting factors to running a community Facebook page

On January 4 2017, by

Running the community Facebook page ‘Educational Psychology Today ‘ has been hugely rewarding as we have gathered over 4000 followers….

Doctoral Thesis: My experiences of narrative research

On December 1 2016, by , 2 Comments

There’s little out there on the experiences of psychologists using a narrative inquiry approach. This account may help other EPs…

DECP Annual Conference 2017: Challenging Beliefs and Exposing Myths

On November 17 2016, by

At the moment, the world is a uniquely challenging place for children and young people to grow up in and…

Peter Farrell: Reflections on my life with ISPA

On November 1 2016, by , 1 Comment

Despite my long association with the International School Psychology Association (ISPA), the annual conference has never been to Manchester and…