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A day in the life of an EP: perspectives from Twitter

On October 17 2019, by , 1 comment

The role of the Educational Psychologist (EP) has been long discussed in academic and practice literature. For example, five key functions…

Education and girls on the autism spectrum

On October 1 2019, by and ,

A few years ago, trainees would often ask ‘what do we know about girls with autism?’ This led us to…

Pyramid-planning meetings: reflections from Doncaster EPS

On September 16 2019, by ,

In 2019 The Doncaster Educational Psychology Service scratched heads to identify the most effective way to engage with SENCOs to…

Reflections on ‘A day in the life of a TEP’ event

On July 30 2019, by and ,

On Friday 19th July we travelled to the BPS offices in London for an annual event organised exclusively for TEPs….

Breaking the silence: children’s voices and Ofsted

On May 13 2019, by , 1 comment

The public consultation on the proposed changes to Ofsted’s inspection framework was not fit for purpose as far as gathering…

‘Surviving’ the final term as a TEP

On May 8 2019, by ,

It’s the final term of training, hopefully your thesis will soon be handed in and work is still coming in…

10 ideas for working successfully with adolescents

On April 2 2019, by , 1 comment

There are some people who just love working with adolescents and those of you who do will, I guess, already…

Longer read: Applying critical pedagogy to re-imagine education and empower communities

On February 5 2019, by , 1 comment

My experiences as an Educational Psychologist and home educating parent have given me cause to ask the questions; what is…

Resources: The Engagement Profile

On January 28 2019, by , 4 comments

The Engagement Profile’s core approach is that “sustainable learning can only occur when there is meaningful engagement” (Engagement 4 Learning)….

Longer read: ABCs for successful supervision

On January 8 2019, by and , 1 comment

As psychologists, we rightly place huge emphasis upon the importance of relationships. We know that the teacher-student relationship is one…