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Call for papers: Educational psychologists influencing policy and practice

On July 9 2017, by

Educational psychologists are the lynchpin between education and wellbeing. This future issue of Educational and Child Psychology is calling for papers…

Trainee representation at the DECP

On June 29 2017, by , 1 Comment

When the opportunity arose to be a trainee representative for the Division of Educational and Child Psychology (DECP) I jumped…

We’re looking for help with our social media

On June 12 2017, by

It’s nearly our 1st birthday and we’ve grown quite a bit in such a short space of time. We’re looking to…

Viva la viva! Prepping for that crucial hour or two

On June 11 2017, by , 2 Comments

So it’s time to think about the viva. You know you have to do it, people tell you how you…

Top ten tools for gaining an insight into a child’s world

On April 9 2017, by

When training to be an educational psychologist I was advised to develop an ‘EP Toolkit’ – a collection of key…

The EPs are Tweeting

On April 9 2017, by , 1 Comment

In the past few weeks EP’s have been taking to twitter to share the huge range of work they’re engaging…

Touch: trust, timidity and taboo workshop – commentary

On February 26 2017, by , 1 Comment

Recently the DECP led the workshop ‘Touch: trust, timidity and taboo’. The workshop aimed to clarify some of the confusion experienced…

Where are the EPs? Theresa May, mental health and schools

On January 10 2017, by , 10 Comments

The focus on schools and the workplace is much needed, as is the attention to addressing stigma and the transformation…

Rethinking mental distress in children

On January 4 2017, by , 6 Comments

Thinking of your child as behaving badly disposes you to think of punishment. Thinking of your child as struggling with something…

Challenges and supporting factors to running a community Facebook page

On January 4 2017, by

Running the community Facebook page ‘Educational Psychology Today ‘ has been hugely rewarding as we have gathered over 4000 followers….