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Educational psychologist job vacancies: a two-minute process with edpsy

23 May 2021 by

Our latest film shows how easy the process of posting an EP job vacancy with us is. Already know you…

What is school like for you? Experiences of education during and after lockdown.

17 May 2021 by and

This collaborative project was devised by Hannah Williams and Dr Jane Park to enable the views, thoughts, feelings and experiences…

Group supervision: Understanding the views of ELSAs in one county in England

12 May 2021 by and

Supervision is key aspect of the Emotional Literacy Support Assistant programme and in this blog we summarise our recent research…

Developing a new assessment resource for EPs: The Children’s Exploratory Drawings (CEDs)

During our first year of training for the educational psychology doctorate, we spent a lot of time exploring a range…

Race-reimaging in educational psychology

As individuals from minority ethnic backgrounds, we, Anita and Preeya, have spent time during supervision thinking about issues of representation….

What do adolescents say about social media and well-being?

27 April 2021 by

If you’ve watched the news or read a newspaper in the last few years, you may have noticed stories about…

Why ‘Going Gold’ is important on Autism Acceptance Day – 2nd April

2 April 2021 by

So traditionally April 2nd has been known as Autism Awareness Day with jigsaw piece symbols and the colour blue.  The autistic…

The Race Report, racism, and me

2 April 2021 by

It’s not been an easy year and this might not be an easy read.  ‘The Race Report‘ published earlier this…

Longer read: Creating better contexts for cognitive development: Relational Frame Theory and experimental psychology

29 March 2021 by

A few years ago I was invited to present at a day long symposium in Chichester for Educational Psychologists and…

Mind your language: behaviour, exclusions and the language we use

22 March 2021 by , 3 comments

There is a debate flaring on social media about the ethics surrounding exclusion in schools. On one side, there are…