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10 ideas for working successfully with adolescents

On April 2 2019, by , 1 comment

There are some people who just love working with adolescents and those of you who do will, I guess, already…

Longer read: Applying critical pedagogy to re-imagine education and empower communities

On February 5 2019, by , 1 comment

My experiences as an Educational Psychologist and home educating parent have given me cause to ask the questions; what is…

Resources: The Engagement Profile

On January 28 2019, by , 4 comments

The Engagement Profile’s core approach is that “sustainable learning can only occur when there is meaningful engagement” (Engagement 4 Learning)….

Longer read: ABCs for successful supervision

On January 8 2019, by and , 1 comment

As psychologists, we rightly place huge emphasis upon the importance of relationships. We know that the teacher-student relationship is one…

Resources: ACT Conversation Cards

On January 8 2019, by ,

‘ACT Conversation Cards are a therapeutic tool for working with values in line with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy’ (Hayes & …

Ian: a short film about inclusion

On December 12 2018, by ,

“Ian” is a short, animated film based on the life and experiences of nine year old Ian from Argentina. The…

Resources: The Sensory Profile

On November 26 2018, by , 1 comment

I find the Dunn Sensory Profile a useful tool in relation to explaining some behaviours and use it as a…

VIG: an animation

On November 5 2018, by , 3 comments

This short animated film about Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) was commissioned by Cornwall Council and made by two talented 2nd…

EPs and INSETs: a reflection on practice for in-service teacher training.

On September 18 2018, by , 1 comment

Throughout my training I have had placements across three Educational Psychology Services (EPS’) and recently I’ve been thinking about the…

Books for an Alternative Provision Library

On September 18 2018, by , 1 comment

A recent thread on EPNET sought suggestions for a school library to support pupils attending Alternative Provision Schools (AP/APS). We’ve…