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Jobs for EPs on edpsy: our latest feature

19 October 2020 by , and

Before summer we launched a new jobs feature on the site. This is a jobs board where any roles that…

Inclusion and equity: the big challenge for education systems

6 October 2020 by , 1 comment

Despite 25 years of international debate, there remains considerable confusion in the field as to what the idea of inclusive…

Recovery at its best: 5 key principles to support school following critical incidents

24 September 2020 by

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Nottinghamshire Educational Psychology Service were asked to develop a resource to support schools…

Project: Children and young people’s return to education in September 2020

22 September 2020 by and , 1 comment

This post is part of a pilot project that edpsy is running in collaboration with Southend and Nottingham City EPS…

A data-driven, Readiness for Learning approach to supporting learners return to school following COVID-19

21 September 2020 by

These are, as so many have already commented, unprecedented times. Understanding the impact of the past three months on our…

Reflections on being working class in a middle class profession

9 September 2020 by , 2 comments

I am a trainee educational psychologist (EP). I am also from a working-class family. I grew up in a council…

Longer read: The Little Elf Returns to School: turning to narrative in a pandemic

2 September 2020 by , 1 comment

The ‘Little Elf and the Flowers of Hope and Bravery’ is a therapeutic story written to help primary aged children…

Increases in teenagers’ wellbeing during school closures

1 September 2020 by

Last week research from the University of Bristol released a report on young people’s mental health during the covid-19 pandemic….

Advice to education policy makers following Covid-19

A joint report from two UK Educational Psychology Services: recommendations based on pupils views and psychological theory. During the COVID-19…

Power in EP collaboration: making sense of pupil experiences and key messages

25 August 2020 by and

Mid-way through the C-19 lockdown, our colleagues at Southend-on-Sea sent out a survey to gain pupils views about their education…