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EP training in Scotland

What’s involved

Training to be an EP in Scotland is a three year commitment and happens in two stages.

Years 1 and 2 (stage 1)

Stage 1 is a two year full time MSc in Educational Psychology. During the two year course you’ll experience a mix of teaching, seminars and psychology service placements that pull together theory and practice. Once trainees have completed stage 1, they are eligible to progress to stage 2.

Year 3 (stage 2)

Stage 2 is a one year supervised probationary period. EPs will be supervised by a Chartered Psychologist with full membership of the Scottish Division of Educational Psychology.  At the end of this time, if successful, trainees will be awarded the Qualification in Educational Psychology (Scotland) (stage 2).

There is a substantial amount of reading for prospective Scottish EP candidates.

What you need to get on a course

To apply for an EP training course, you need to have one of the following:

  • A psychology degree
  • A conversion course
  • A psychology based Masters degree

The important thing is that your previous Degree or Masters qualification needs to provide Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership to the British Psychological Society.

You’ll also need to provide evidence of experience working with children, young people or families in:

  • Educational (e.g. school, college)
  • Health (e.g. Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services)
  • Care (e.g. Children’s social work)
  • Community settings (e.g. Children’s centres)

Having at least 1 year of full time work experience in any of the above fields is essential and it would be important to demonstrate how you have applied psychology to real world issues in order to improve outcomes for children and their families.


EP training in Scotland is either self funded, or funded through loan applications to the Student Awards Agency for Scotland for a Postgraduate Student Allowances Scheme (PSAS). Prospective trainees can apply for tuition fee and living cost loans.

Where training happens

There are 2 universities in Scotland that train EPs: