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Add an event

Our events form has moved to a new location.

  • Submitting an event only takes a few minutes
  • The information you provide on the form will be copied exactly on to the ‘Events’ section of edpsy.org.uk so please ensure that it is well written and accurate.
  • This events calendar does not manage event bookings
  • You must make it clear how people can book attendance, a ticket, or place at your event.
  • Although edpsy.org.uk is not responsible for the content, quality or type of event posted we want to make sure that the events are relevant and applicable to educational psychologists working in the UK. This means that there is a judgement call by edpsy site editors when ensuring an event ‘goes live’ on the ‘Events’ section of the site. If the site editors decide that your event is not suitable or relevant for the site, it will not be listed. In reality we anticipate that this will rarely be an issue.