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Mentoring directory pilot terms

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Pilot – limitations and responsibilities

1.1. We have provided this directory on good faith, responding to community needs. Both participants in any mentoring relationship need to be happy to proceed together, and remain aware that edpsy does not monitor changes in the professional status of mentors.

1.2. The pilot period runs from February to May 2023. At this point we will seek feedback about the processes and experience which may well change these T&Cs for future iterations.

1.3. The directory is not a managed mentoring scheme.

1.4. The directory provides a space for volunteer mentors to communicate their intention and availability to mentor.

1.5. We do not monitor, administer, mediate or resolve any potential or actual conflicts between mentors and mentees. These relationships are opted in to entirely voluntarily and should concerns arise we would advocate discussing these together. We have signposted a range of resources that may be helpful in creating a mentoring relationship in a positive and constructive way.

1.6. The mentor information is a directory for information only. It is not intended to replace management or supervision of any kind, at any professional stage e.g. placement supervisors, university tutors, peer supervisors, line management etc.

Information for mentors and mentees

2.1. We ask all potential EP mentors to confirm that they are qualified and HCPC registered and to provide their HCPC registration number.

2.2. Potential mentees should be aware that they are entering in to a direct relationship with a mentor and need to be personally confident that mentors are still HCPC registered.

2.3. Some mentors on the directory are happy to offer face to face mentoring. We would encourage mentees and mentors to consider how best to ensure face to face mentoring is safe and comfortable. Consider meeting virtually first. If you’re then comfortable to meet, ensure you do this somewhere public. It may make both of you feel more comfortable to be somewhere with plenty of other people around.

2.4. If mentors and mentees decide to embark on face to face mentoring, both parties understand that this is a decision independently and freely made and the responsibility for the nature and conduct of these meetings falls completely with the mentor(s) and mentee(s).

2.5. Mentors should inform us as soon as reasonably possible about significant changes to their professional status e.g. long term leave and therefore not able to offer mentoring, no longer HCPC registered.

2.6. Mentors should contact us as soon as reasonably possible if they do not have capacity to offer any mentoring. We will then remove any links allowing potential mentees to contact you, and highlight on your profile that you cannot offer mentoring at this moment in time.

2.7. At all times it is at the mentor’s discretion about how many mentees they take on, who they decide to mentor and at what times.

2.8. While we will do all we can to ensure that information about individual mentors is correct and accurate it is ultimately the mentors responsibility to ensure the accuracy of their own information .

2.9. We are not liable for any advice you receive from a mentor or any action you take following that advice.

2.10. Mentors and mentees agree that the directory must not be used, directly or indirectly, for commercial purposes, including using the mentoring relationship to promote goods or services.