Reflections on using a transcultural supervision exercise to support culturally sensitive supervision

16 November 2021 by , and

In this blog post, we reflect on our use of a transcultural supervision exercise adapted for use with Burnham’s (2012)…

A transcultural supervision activity

16 November 2021 by , and

This activity is the ‘transcultural activity’ from Hawkins and Shohet (2012) adapted to incorporate SOCIAL GGRRAAACCEEESSS. It is intended to…

How psychology reproduces racism

14 June 2021 by , 1 comment

In psychology, challenging racism is no simple task; in fact, racism is deeply embedded in much of what we know…

Race-reimaging in educational psychology

As individuals from minority ethnic backgrounds, we, Anita and Preeya, have spent time during supervision thinking about issues of representation….