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Educational psychologist job vacancies: a two-minute process with edpsy

Our latest film shows how easy the process of posting an EP job vacancy with us is.

Already know you want to advertise your educational psychologist vacancy with us? Head to our ‘Post a job’ page.

Five steps, two minutes

Service leads and HR teams are busy. Our clean, clear interface makes it quick and easy to upload all your job details with five steps and in two minutes 1.

  1. Create an account
  2. Add your organisation details
  3. Fill in your job details
  4. Preview your job
  5. Pay your way

Watch our new film to see the process in action

  1. We’ve designed our jobs board so that you can post a job with us in under two minutes if you’re paying by card. If your service or LA isn’t able to do card payments, contact us to set us up as a supplier (it makes things much quicker in the future)

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