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Choosing edpsy jobs

Why post a job with us

  • Excellent value for money
    For the rest of 2020 we’re reducing our price to £300 for a 30-day posting + mailout and tweet. Down from our normal price of £450.
  • Your vacancy will be public and open to all.
    You pay to post the job and that’s it.
  • Reach a wide audience quickly. edpsy.org.uk is popular and well known among the EP community and our site gets thousands of visits a month.
  • We’ll help spread the message about your vacancy. We’ll promote it via our mailing list, and tweet to our 2000+ followers.
  • Pay in a way that suits you.
    You can pay via card or purchase order.
  • Super easy to use for you and job searchers.
    • Easy to post and manage your jobs adverts.
    • Great user experience for potential applicants.

Post a job

Key information

Bulk adverts

It’s fine to create a single listing where you have more than one vacancy for the same role (e.g. Educational Psychologist x3).

When advertising vacancies for multiple different roles (e.g. one maingrade EP role and one Principal EP role) each one needs to be a separate listing.

Services in dispute with the professional union

We won’t list job adverts for any service currently in dispute with the AEP.

International job listings

We accept international job listings, and have visitors from over 130 countries.

For every international job listing we will also include the latest Freedom in the World, Index of Economic Freedom, Press Freedom Index and Democracy Index ratings for the host country. We will do this so that our users can make informed decisions about the safety and freedoms of the country that the job is based in. Find out more about these on Wikipedia.