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Becoming an EP – #NoWrongPath

Some months ago on twitter, EPs from across the country talked about their employment journeys to becoming an educational psychologist.

You can see this thread here, and it was inspired by a tweet that I had seen from Clackmannanshire EPS.

In a bid to try to ‘represent’ the huge variety of roles people have had, and considering that doctoral applications are soon to open, I’ve swiftly made a WordCloud.

You’ve maybe already seen this on twitter, but below is an expandable higher quality version, so you can explore it fully.

You’ll probably notice that ‘assistant’ is the biggest word in the cloud. I think it’s worth pointing out that this isn’t because most people were assistant EPs. It just cropped up often e.g. shop assistant, retail assistant, personal assistant, independent living assistant etc.

What struck me was the sheer variety in the type of job roles people have held, with a clear focus on helping others or doing good.

Enjoy 🙂

Educational Psychologist #NoWrongPath WordCloud

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