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Dan is an educational psychologist and founder of edpsy.org.uk. He has a passion for the power of educational psychology and connecting EPs with each other.

News: Every EP job vacancy on edpsy funds climate positive projects

13 July 2021 by , and

We’ve worked hard over the past two years to ensure that we are operating as sustainably as possible, and we’re…

Project: Plain English in Educational Psychology

9 July 2021 by

We want to collect as many examples of jargon used in educational psychology as possible, then facilitate a crowd sourced…

Getting greener: switching to a green webhost

28 October 2020 by and

We recently switched our our web hosting provider to one that powers its computers solely from renewable energy. We’ve had…

Jobs for EPs on edpsy: our latest feature

19 October 2020 by , and

Before summer we launched a new jobs feature on the site. This is a jobs board where any roles that…

Choosing a thesis topic: advice from twitter

23 August 2020 by

This is probably a question that quite a few trainees are considering right now. Thesis topic choice can be a…

Summer CPD: our top 5 blogs this year

3 August 2020 by

It might be the case that some of our readers will have some chance over the summer to catch up…

How do you eat an elephant…?

27 July 2020 by , and

…One bite at a time! There’s been a bit of a phenomenon taking off on twitter recently among trainee educational…

Updated: Coronavirus (COVID-19) information for children, families and professionals

30 April 2020 by , 15 comments

There is lots of information across the internet about how to talk to or support children and young people who…

10 tips for blog writing: a short guide for EPs

15 December 2019 by

Before you start writing 1: Know your audience Knowing who you’re writing for before you start writing is key. This…

Ian: a short film about inclusion

12 December 2018 by

“Ian” is a short, animated film based on the life and experiences of nine year old Ian from Argentina. The…