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Dr Siya Mngaza

Areas of interest I would like to offer mentoring in

  • Supporting mentees who are thinking about researching black or marginalised voices.
  • Publication or other forms of writing about their ideas

About me

Current role: Educational psychologist and academic tutor

HCPC number: PYL38555

I work as an Academic Tutor at Birmingham University and I work as an EP in London. I also trained in Nottingham and did placements across the East Midlands, so I am interested in the way that EP services operate differently depending on their location.

Mentoring to me, is about jointly arriving at new insights in a two-way learning process.

My doctoral research explored the way that black pupils experienced a sense of belonging in predominantly white schools. I am also interested in the philosophical stuff of psychology (espitemology/ontology). In particular I am interested in how marginalised voices and perspectives can enrich educational psychology research.

How I’d offer mentoring

Face to face (London)


Before contacting mentors

Please explore the information and resources we have provided:

  1. About the pilot
  2. Terms of the pilot
  3. Mentoring resources – for mentors and mentees


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