The Power Threat Meaning Framework: interest group for EPs and education professionals

24 March 2022 by

Aims, vision and purpose The aim of this group is to come together as educational professionals to explore ways in…

On the value of not being a psychologist

27 September 2021 by

Educational psychologists have recognised the potential impact of the pandemic on children’s social development, particularly at school. However, a walking…

How psychology reproduces racism

14 June 2021 by , 2 comments

In psychology, challenging racism is no simple task; in fact, racism is deeply embedded in much of what we know…

Race-reimaging in educational psychology

As individuals from minority ethnic backgrounds, we, Anita and Preeya, have spent time during supervision thinking about issues of representation….

Longer read: Creating better contexts for cognitive development: Relational Frame Theory and experimental psychology

29 March 2021 by

A few years ago I was invited to present at a day long symposium in Chichester for Educational Psychologists and…

Resources: ACT Conversation Cards

8 January 2019 by

‘ACT Conversation Cards are a therapeutic tool for working with values in line with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy’ (Hayes & …