How psychology reproduces racism

14 June 2021 by

In psychology, challenging racism is no simple task; in fact, racism is deeply embedded in much of what we know…

Race-reimaging in educational psychology

As individuals from minority ethnic backgrounds, we, Anita and Preeya, have spent time during supervision thinking about issues of representation….

The Race Report, racism, and me

2 April 2021 by

It’s not been an easy year and this might not be an easy read.  ‘The Race Report‘ published earlier this…

Summer CPD: our top 5 blogs this year

3 August 2020 by

It might be the case that some of our readers will have some chance over the summer to catch up…

Black lives matter: educational professionals and the fight against racism

2 June 2020 by , 20 comments

I am an EP working in an outer-London borough, where like many other London boroughs, Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME)…