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Project: The ethnic profile of 21st century educational psychology

There is currently a lack of data about the ethnic profile of the educational psychology profession.

How you can help

Complete the online survey for phase one of this study (8-10 minutes)

Project focus

This study seeks to determine to what extent the educational psychology training programmes and profession is ethnically diverse and to understand the experiences of ethnic minorities leading up to and during professional training.

Lead researcher

Tolu Oyenola (Institute of Education, Trainee EP)

Aims and research questions

In association with the AEP, this research aims to help promote a more diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects the needs of the communities EPs serve.

The research questions for this study are:

  1. What is the ethnic diversity of TEP training programmes and EP services?
  2. How do applicants from ethnic minority backgrounds describe their experience of applying for the EP doctorate?
  3. What is the experience of ethnic minorities on the EP doctorate?

Involvement – next steps

Phase one – current (open to all)

The first phase is an online survey which takes approximately 8-10 minutes to complete

Complete the online survey

Phase two and three

At the end of the survey, TEPs and recently qualified EPs (qualified in the last 2 years of EP practice) from minority ethnic backgrounds (including Gypsy, Roma and Traveller) will have the option to volunteer to engage in the second and/or third phase of the study.

  • Phase two – Focus group
  • Phase three – individual interview

Volunteers will be randomly selected for this phase of the study.


Monday 21st June 2021

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