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Experiences of the EP doctorate training route: live Q&A

The Educational Psychology Doctorate application process can be stress inducing and anxiety provoking. However, it can also be a time of celebration and reflection of your personal achievements.

To help alleviate the negative impacts and provide a more positive outlook of the application process, fellow Trainee Educational Psychologists Minoushe Grant (IoE), Alex Brownhill (Manchester), Paige Latham (Cardiff), Janice Howard (UEL) and Keith Houghton (UEA) joined up to form a live Q & A.

We must stress that the Live Q & A was not a ‘How to guide’, but rather a reflection of our own experiences and backgrounds that have shaped our practices, beliefs and enabled us to pursue our EP careers. As such, please reflect on the information carefully and consider how your own experiences have contributed to the current stage you find yourselves in.

Many topics were discussed throughout the webinar which included:

  • The diversity of prior experiences and routes to the course
  • Prior qualifications and their relevance
  • Beneficial ways to prepare for interviews
  • Demonstrating the application of Psychology
  • Features of a ‘good’ personal statement
  • Relocating for the purpose of the doctorate
  • Having additional learning needs
  • Referencing different frameworks within personal statement
  • The difference in format of interviews
  • Overview of values from each university (that the TEPs attend)
  • The Traded vs Statutory services debate
  • Attempts of applying before being successful
  • Therapeutic modules included within courses
  • What you wish you knew when you were applying, that you know now

We genuinely hope you find the webinar informative and helpful. Thanks for taking the time to read/watch and we wish you the very best of luck with the application process. Hopefully many of you will be celebrating in 2023 as the new TEP cohort!

EP training Q&A webinar with Keith, Minoushe, Alex, Janice & Paige

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