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Longer read: Applying critical pedagogy to re-imagine education and empower communities

On February 5 2019, by , 1 Comment

My experiences as an Educational Psychologist and home educating parent have given me cause to ask the questions; what is…

Longer read: ABCs for successful supervision

On January 8 2019, by last_name, 1 Comment

As psychologists, we rightly place huge emphasis upon the importance of relationships. We know that the teacher-student relationship is one…

Longer read: How monsters wish to feel

On March 26 2018, by , 2 Comments

One morning I woke with the resounding idea to write a children’s story to explain the concept of resilience to…

Longer read: Hands off? challenging the touch taboo in education and care contexts

On October 18 2017, by , 1 Comment

Why the issue of touch is so important Affective touch is a powerful medium for conveying empathy between people, for…

Longer read: Creating transition pathways for young people with SEND: an example from Ireland

On June 11 2017, by

In this article, I illustrate how transition from secondary school can be viewed as more than an episodic event, but…

Longer read: Struggling with a monster: acceptance and commitment therapy with anxious students

On August 27 2016, by , 6 Comments

Mia (not her real name) is fourteen and she and I are sitting in a small intervention room off one…