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Longer read: The Barbie movie and toxic masculinity in secondary schools

18 July 2024 by

Last summer the Barbie movie took the world by storm. It broke Box Office records while also raising important points…

News: edpsy community raises over £600 for Refugee Education UK

15 July 2024 by

We’re delighted that our recent fundraising efforts have helped support REUK to continue work towards a world where all refugee…

Navigating the transition to university: key factors for student success

Starting university is a huge milestone. It’s a very exciting time but can also be pretty daunting for some students….

Project: exploring barriers to EP practice in mainstream schools

1 July 2024 by

This project aims to investigate the barriers Educational Psychologists (EPs) face in mainstream schools and assess how these barriers impact…

Project: EP’s views supporting children and young people with chronic and / or life limiting health conditions.

24 June 2024 by

This project aims to explore EPs’ views about their role supporting Children and Young People with chronic and / or…

Action planning to support school attendance: using the SPIRAL framework

17 June 2024 by

Currently, we find ourselves in an ‘attendance crisis’ (Children’s commissioner, 2023) with more children than ever feeling unable to attend…

Why young people with SEND love Fortnite

The simple answer: Fortnite is awesome. In this article, I give a psychologically informed account of Fortnite so that educational…

Educational Psychology for Material Change: A call for EPs to join our collective

Educational Psychologists for Material Change (EPMC) are building a coalition of progressive and radical Educational Psychologists (EPs) to make real…

Project: the use of solution focused techniques by UK educational psychologists

23 April 2024 by

This project aims to explore the use of solution focused techniques by UK educational psychologists. Project Focus Previous surveys (e.g….

Book review: The mental health and wellbeing of children and young people with learning difficulties

16 April 2024 by

Book author: Dr Kirstie Rees. Coffee rating: ☕☕ (2/3) – not too challenging. You might have to stop and think in…