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‘Interweaving MATs’ – EP work across schools in a multi-academy trust

On December 2 2019, by and ,

This short article reflects our journey, as EP and MAT Strategic Inclusion Lead, in seeking ways to work successfully, efficiently…

Longer read: Supported employment programmes for young adults with learning disabilities

On October 30 2019, by ,

There are 1.4 million people in the UK classified as having a learning disability but according to recent estimates, just…

A day in the life of an EP: perspectives from Twitter

On October 17 2019, by ,

The role of the Educational Psychologist (EP) has been long discussed in academic and practice literature. For example, five key functions…

Education and girls on the autism spectrum

On October 1 2019, by and ,

A few years ago, trainees would often ask ‘what do we know about girls with autism?’ This led us to…

Pyramid-planning meetings: reflections from Doncaster EPS

On September 16 2019, by ,

In 2019 The Doncaster Educational Psychology Service scratched heads to identify the most effective way to engage with SENCOs to…

Reflections on ‘A day in the life of a TEP’ event

On July 30 2019, by and ,

On Friday 19th July we travelled to the BPS offices in London for an annual event organised exclusively for TEPs….

Breaking the silence: children’s voices and Ofsted

On May 13 2019, by ,

The public consultation on the proposed changes to Ofsted’s inspection framework was not fit for purpose as far as gathering…

‘Surviving’ the final term as a TEP

On May 8 2019, by ,

It’s the final term of training, hopefully your thesis will soon be handed in and work is still coming in…

10 ideas for working successfully with adolescents

On April 2 2019, by , 1 comment

There are some people who just love working with adolescents and those of you who do will, I guess, already…

Longer read: Applying critical pedagogy to re-imagine education and empower communities

On February 5 2019, by , 1 comment

My experiences as an Educational Psychologist and home educating parent have given me cause to ask the questions; what is…