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Longer read: Reflections on Pyramid Planning Meetings one year on

15 September 2020 by

One year ago, Doncaster EPS made the decision to change our service delivery model. We moved from individual planning meetings…

Reflections on being working class in a middle class profession

9 September 2020 by , 2 comments

I am a trainee educational psychologist (EP). I am also from a working-class family. I grew up in a council…

Longer read: The Little Elf Returns to School: turning to narrative in a pandemic

2 September 2020 by , 1 comment

The ‘Little Elf and the Flowers of Hope and Bravery’ is a therapeutic story written to help primary aged children…

Increases in teenagers’ wellbeing during school closures

1 September 2020 by

Last week research from the University of Bristol released a report on young people’s mental health during the covid-19 pandemic….

Advice to education policy makers following Covid-19

A joint report from two UK Educational Psychology Services: recommendations based on pupils views and psychological theory. During the COVID-19…

Power in EP collaboration: making sense of pupil experiences and key messages

25 August 2020 by and

Mid-way through the C-19 lockdown, our colleagues at Southend-on-Sea sent out a survey to gain pupils views about their education…

Choosing a thesis topic: advice from twitter

23 August 2020 by

This is probably a question that quite a few trainees are considering right now. Thesis topic choice can be a…

Summer CPD: our top 5 blogs this year

3 August 2020 by

It might be the case that some of our readers will have some chance over the summer to catch up…

How do you eat an elephant…?

27 July 2020 by , and

…One bite at a time! There’s been a bit of a phenomenon taking off on twitter recently among trainee educational…

Raising awareness of pupils with Ehlers-Danlos syndromes / Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders.

15 July 2020 by

Increasingly Ehlers-Danlos syndromes (EDS) and the closely related Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders (HSD) are being diagnosed in some pupils but very…