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Exhibiting at the Festival of Educational Psychology

Festivals are about building relationships and making new connections. Exhibiting at our festival not only benefits you and your organisation, but also other attendees, our charity partner, and the planet.

8 incredible reasons to exhibit at our festival

  • Support others to attend
    Funding from exhibitors increases the number of student and financial hardship tickets we can release.
  • Build new relationships and connections
    Like any festival our aim is to bring people together and our Hopin platform is designed to facilitate you meeting others.
  • Reach a motivated and engaged audience
    Our community is vibrant, energetic and passionate.
  • Connect with professionals from around the world
    edpsy has visitors from 196 countries and we’ve already had international registrations to attend.
  • Offer festival-only promotions
    Build personal connections and reward those who have visited your Expo Booth by offering festival promotions.
  • Share your work
    In your Expo Booth you can share videos or talk to people live in groups, or individually.
  • Support our fundraising efforts for AKT
    AKT is our Festival charity partner and they are the national LGBTQ+ youth homelessness charity supporting young people aged 16-25 in the UK who are experiencing homelessness or living in a hostile environment.
  • Take positive climate action
    With every exhibitor we will contribute to climate positive projects around the world through ecologi.

What you get as an exhibitor

  • Promotion on the festival website
  • Promotion on the online festival platform
  • Social media promotion before, during and after the event
  • Thanks and specific highlight during the day
  • Personalised Expo Booth
  • Ticket to the festival (1)
  • Exhibitor information shared with delegates prior to the festival
  • Customise your booth

Exhibitor rates

All exhibitors have access to the same features and benefits. If you have any questions about the most appropriate rates for you or your organisation, please drop us a line.

£200 – Suitable for sole traders or independent creatives

£375 – Suitable for businesses and organisations such as psychology services (2)

£750 – Suitable for large organisations. Publishers (books, assessment materials), professional bodies or associations, large training providers.

Next steps

Please email us if you’d like to exhibit at the festival.

Check out our speakers and programme.

(1) One ticket included with every exhibitor purchase

(2) Psychology services exhibiting at the festival agree to only exhibit their training or resources, not their EP assessment services.

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