Project: exploring barriers to EP practice in mainstream schools

1 July 2024 by

This project aims to investigate the barriers Educational Psychologists (EPs) face in mainstream schools and assess how these barriers impact…

Project: EP’s views supporting children and young people with chronic and / or life limiting health conditions.

24 June 2024 by

This project aims to explore EPs’ views about their role supporting Children and Young People with chronic and / or…

Project: the use of solution focused techniques by UK educational psychologists

23 April 2024 by

This project aims to explore the use of solution focused techniques by UK educational psychologists. Project Focus Previous surveys (e.g….

Project: Scoping review of UK EP Service policies in relation to multilingualism

20 September 2023 by and

Claire Smith, a trainee EP at the University of Manchester is researching educational psychology practice in relation to multilingualism Project…

Project: Exploring EPs’ work with children and families with English as an Additional Language

14 August 2023 by

This project aims to explore the scope of EPs’ involvement in working with children, young people and families where English…

Project: KeEPing well – an exploration of well-being for Educational Psychologists

We are mindful of the current pressures that EPs are encountering and, therefore, it is hoped that this research will…

Project: Working with eco-anxiety or climate distress in clinical practice

22 March 2023 by

This project aims to explore how it feels for counsellors, psychotherapists, or practitioner psychologists to experience eco-anxiety or climate distress…

Project: Identifying the core components of school based EP consultation

20 February 2023 by and

This project aims to identify the core components of UK school-based consultation by Educational Psychologists (EPs). In addition, the project…

Project: Compassion fatigue, satisfaction and EP workplace stress

30 January 2023 by

This project looks to understand the influence of compassion fatigue, compassion satisfaction, and workplace stress on educational psychologists’ working practices….

Project: Reviewing policy and practice recommendations about services for disabled children

9 August 2022 by

The NIHR Policy Research Programme commissioned research to provide policy recommendations on improving services for children with disabilities, learning from…