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Maddi works for Nottingham City Council and is keen to work with other services to ensure Educational Psychologists are key contributors to national government policy through quality evaluation and research.

Elaine is a Lead Specialist Educational Psychologist with Lancashire EPS. Her specialism and professional interests include supporting inclusion for children with Social, Emotional & Mental Health needs.

Sarah is an Educational Psychologist working in Southend-on-Sea. Sarah has a particular interest in involving children and young people in understanding and developing their strengths and ensuring they feel thought about and listened to.

Sarah is a newly qualified educational psychologist. Sarah is keen to hear and share the voices of children and young people, she has recently completed her doctoral research exploring the experiences of young people placed into care.

Lauren is a Trainee Educational Psychologist studying at the University of Southampton. She is keen to access and promote pupil voice. Lauren’s special interests include resilience and the use of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approaches.

Kate was a Psychology Assistant in Southend and is now a Trainee EP at the Institute of Education. Kate is driven by working holistically with children and young people and seeking opportunities to hear and include their voices and views wherever possible/

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25 August 2020 by and

Mid-way through the C-19 lockdown, our colleagues at Southend-on-Sea sent out a survey to gain pupils views about their education…