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Community through collaboration: edpsy and EP Reachout

We’re excited to strengthen our collaboration with EP Reachout.

EP Reach-Out use short, accessible webinars to provide a space to share, explore and think about ideas together.

At the start of the new term Dan (from edpsy) and Sarah (from EP Reach-Out) met and discussed strengthening the connection between both platforms. Both platforms have a strong community focus and both teams have a strong aspiration to share the work of educational psychologists, widely.

This great connection and collaboration just seems to easily fit. Many edpsy blog writers have gone on to host an EP Reach-Out webinar and vice versa. Both platforms allow EPs, and others interested in education and psychology, to communicate and disseminate their work in accessible and engaging ways

What this collaboration means

Over time you’ll start to see more connection between edpsy and EP Reach-Out. New webinars might be embedded in to blog posts here on our site. We’ll also encourage our contributors to work with the other team. So, if you’re hosting a webinar, why not write a companion blog. One exciting development will be our plans to produce companion pieces, together with our contributors, to ‘go live’ at the same time. For example a webinar accompanied by a new blog post to further explore particular aspects of the persons work.

Both Sarah & Nicole from EP Reach-Out, and Dan from edpsy have spoken about the collaboration:

Our mission has always been for EP Reach-Out to grow and deepen it’s collaborative nature. We are therefore delighted to strengthen the connection we already enjoyed with edpsy. We look to the future with eager anticipation to see how our community of practice will develop together

Sarah and Nicole, EP Reach-Out

Our values at edpsy are community, creativity, engagement and sustainability. Collaborations like this one with EP Reach-Out are really about us as a team living these values and working with others who share them. We want to continue to support small and grassroots initiatives in the EP community through openness, connection and action and collaborations like this one, with Sarah and Nicole, are a step on our journey to doing just that.

Dan, edpsy

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