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Supporting new initiatives in the EP community

‘Community’ is one of our core values and we want to try to live these values by offering a reflective space for ideas.

The background

When I began edpsy back in 2016 there wasn’t much else like it ‘out there’ in the community and so it was a little tricky sometimes to know where to go for a helpful conversation about all the different ideas that were springing up.

It’s always been one of our aims at edpsy to support community projects and initiatives as much as possible, whether that be through offering them space on the site, or sharing their content across social media.

Ideally, we’d love to be able to support new projects and initiatives with start-up funding, but this isn’t something we can do quite yet.

What I’d love to offer now though, is time.

Idea incubation and idea dialogues (or a helpful conversation about your ideas)

In the business and IT world ‘idea incubation’ is a fairly normal practice and it’s essentially about bringing ideas in to reality. Northwestern University in Chicago have a three stage process and step 1 is ‘idea dialogues’.

Idea dialogues are informal conversations designed to spark connections and uncover new perspectives and questions that could ultimately give rise to your idea becoming reality. The idea dialogues provide an opportunity for you to feel out early-stage ideas with no stakes other than an enjoyable chat (virtually) with a cuppa.

What’s on offer

Given all I’ve written about community, ideas and support what I’d like to offer is time to anyone with a fantastic idea for a community project or initiative that has an EP or psychology focus.

Just to trial things I’ve put aside 5 bookable slots on Thursday 17th February, to have an idea dialogue on zoom. The hope is that if these work well and are valued then we can create a community resource, of people who would be willing to support others, through idea dialogues.

Your idea might be a new project, podcast, documentary, webinar series, professional support group etc. Whatever your idea is maybe you’d just value chatting to someone who ‘has been there’ and made lots of mistakes on the way!

Maybe you want to think about the unique offer, or marketing, or how to get it going, or discuss common pitfalls.

The only caveat to keep in mind is that these conversations aren’t about discussing business plans, but rather grass roots, community focused ideas and initiatives

So, if this sounds like something you’d value or find helpful you can book on to a 30 minute slot.

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