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The Long Covid Kids Support Guide

The charity, Long Covid Kids, have launched a new Long Covid Kids Support Guide: “Shining a light on Long Covid in Children. A Guide to Recognition. Support. Recovery.”

About the support guide

Created by parents and professionals whose children are living with Long Covid (with Educational Psychology and Occupational Therapy input), the Support Guide is a comprehensive pack containing evidence-based resources and information for parents, families, children, young people, school staff, education, health and social care professionals. The LCK Support Guide will be a valuable resource for all those supporting children and young people living with Long Covid.

It is free to download and available now (Access to the guide will require free registration)

To accompany the Support Guide a dashboard of five padlets is available containing further useful links to articles, resources and information for:

What the support guide covers

The LCK Support guide is organised in to 6 chapters:

  1. About Covid
  2. Long covid in children and young people
  3. Support for children and young people
  4. Support for parents and caregivers
  5. Support for schools
  6. Resources, letter and record templates

About Long Covid Kids Charity

Long Covid Kids (LCK) are the first UK-based, international registered charity advocating for and supporting families, children and young people living with Long Covid. The charity focuses on recognition, support and recovery and has already received recognition from the NHS and the US Centre for Disease Control (CDC), as well as being a recommended resource in the new NICE Long Covid guidelines.

Dr Sue Peters, a member of the Long Covid Kids team, has written a personal reflection on becoming the mother of a child with Long Covid.

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