Resources: ‘Kind words for kids’ – strengths cards for a modern world

20 September 2021 by , 1 comment

‘Kind Words for Kids‘ are a deck of 40, beautifully illustrated, cards designed by Amel El Achkar as a way…

Developing a new assessment resource for EPs: The Children’s Exploratory Drawings (CEDs)

During our first year of training for the educational psychology doctorate, we spent a lot of time exploring a range…

Resources: The Engagement Profile

28 January 2019 by , 4 comments

The Engagement Profile’s core approach is that “sustainable learning can only occur when there is meaningful engagement” (Engagement 4 Learning)….

Resources: ACT Conversation Cards

8 January 2019 by

‘ACT Conversation Cards are a therapeutic tool for working with values in line with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy’ (Hayes & …

Resources: The Sensory Profile

26 November 2018 by , 1 comment

I find the Dunn Sensory Profile a useful tool in relation to explaining some behaviours and use it as a…

Books for an Alternative Provision Library

18 September 2018 by , 2 comments

A recent thread on EPNET sought suggestions for a school library to support pupils attending Alternative Provision Schools (AP/APS). We’ve…