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The 6am Book Club

This autumn we’re launching a book review blog series…with a difference! An interactive and community based book club where you can get involved in the conversation.

Don’t worry, you don’t actually have to read at 6am

David, a third year trainee EP at Manchester University, is an avid reader. Anyone part of the #TwitterEPs community will share a general sense of astonishment at the number of books David reads, and over time he’s written a few book reviews for us. 6am just happens to be his favourite time to read…

We wanted to try and involve our fabulous community a little more and so after a few brief conversations the idea for ‘The 6am Book Club’ series was formed.

How it will work

David explains in a little more depth about how the book club will work in the video below:


  • We’ll share the book David is reading and reviewing
  • You can choose to read the book too if it takes your fancy and you’ll have 5-6 weeks to do so
  • You can get involved in the conversation on our various social media channels using #6amBookClub (Twitter, Threads, Facebook or Linkedin)
  • 5-6 weeks later, David’s book review will go online and you can give your reflections at this point too via social media or by commenting underneath David’s review.

David’s got a broad range of interests and so we’d love to hear your suggestions for books that could be reviewed.

Our first book is ‘Unprocessed’ by Kimberley Wilson

Unprocessed explores the impact of what we eat, on our psychological well-being. Wilson takes us on a journey that explores how the mental health of children and adults in the UK intersects with corporate interests, government policy decisions and the daily difficulties experienced by some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged members of our society. 

At a time when the health risks of ultra-processed foods and the impact of children’s mental health on education are featuring in the national news, reading ‘Unprocessed’ presents an opportunity to consider these issues and more at both a personal and professional level.

We look forward to you joining us with the 6am Book Club as we explore this important contemporary issue!

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